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Founded by two passionate brothers during the challenging year of 2020, FB&Co. - Finegan Brothers & Co. is more than a coffee company—it's a shared dream. Our mission is to bring the joy of exceptional coffee to everyone, simplifying the journey from bean to cup. With dedication and a love for quality, we've crafted a space where great coffee becomes a part of your everyday story. Welcome to our world of flavour and connection.

Josh & Fiachra


Find us at:

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Brew With The Bro's


Experience the essence of perfection with FB&Co.'s premium

coffee beans, convenient Brew Bags, and flavourful Ground coffee.

Whole Beans

Indulge in the rich symphony of flavors with FB&Co.'s meticulously sourced and crafted coffee beans.

Brew Bags

Discover the ultimate convenience of FB&Co.'s Brew Bags, delivering exquisite coffee with every steep.

Ground Coffee

Elevate your coffee ritual with FB&Co.'s Ground coffee, a fusion of taste and convenience in every cup.

Ciaran - Coffee Lover

Having been a customer since the beginning of the venture, the company has gone from strength to strength. Orders always come on time, coffee always of the highest quality (the new Hasta Luego is definitely recommended!). Keep up the great work lads!

Our mission is to make great-tasting coffee available to everyone, anywhere at anytime.

Check out our full range
of products  here! You've got to try the

hot chocolate ! 

Meet The Team


Josh Finegan

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Fiachra Finegan

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