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  • How long does the Coffee keep?
    Our packaging is optimised for freshness, once opened, we advise consuming within 6-8 weeks.
  • How are the beans roasted?
    Our partner uses the latest technology in coffee roasting not only to make our coffee taste better, but our roaster is one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly in Europe. Our coffee beans are roasted using a “Hot Air” method, this allows us to roast at lower temperatures to lock in more flavour. It also speeds up our roasting process by 40% using less energy in the process. Our coffee roaster is also fitted with a catalytic converter, turning carbon monoxide into environmentally friendly carbon dioxide allowing us to safely release these gases into the environment.
  • What can I expect from the Signature Blend?
    Our signature blend comprises of three unique arabicas sourced from around the world. We have crafted what we believe is a truely unique blend by combining Kenyan AA, Brazilian Mogiana and Sumatra Mandheling. Our tasting notes include Dark choclate, Forest honey, blueberries. All accompanied by a complex acidity, medium roast and a light earthy undertone.
  • Is our Coffee sustainable?
    It is common in our industry for roasters to “commit” and purchase a crop of coffee beans and sometimes never return. Our approach is different. Once the best quality is found, a relationship is developed with the producer to create a “Direct Supply Chain” making a commitment to the farm’s future. This relationship and commitment help our producers reinvest into their business helping them to continue to produce great coffees cup after cup.
  • Returns Policy
    We treat this on a case to case basis, we are a small company and you will have our full attention. Your voice will always be heard.
  • How do I prepare/serve my Coffee?
    Intended for French Press & Moka Pot / Percolator / Aero Press / Filter paper Use approximately 12g of coffee per cup. If you are using a pour over method allow the water to be slightly below boiling and leave it to brew for around 3-4 minutes. Once opened, store this pack in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight. Keep the bag sealed tight.
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