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  • Introducing "Hasta Luego" Blend: Unveil the Magic of Latin American Flavors in Every Sip

    Description: Welcome to a world where coffee isn't just a drink—it's a celebration of flavors, cultures, and connections. Allow us to introduce "Hasta Luego," the latest blend from FB&Co., now available in Ground, Whole Bean, and Brew Bags. Crafted as a tribute to Latin American coffees, this blend is a testament to the wild, natural, and captivating essence of the region. With notes of Honey Sweetness, Raspberry, and Hazelnut, "Hasta Luego" is an invitation to indulge in flavors that inspire and delight.


    A Latin American Odyssey:


    Much like the vibrant cultures of Latin America, "Hasta Luego" encapsulates the untamed and the authentic. This blend is a harmonious melody of Honey Sweetness, the zing of Raspberry, and the comforting embrace of Hazelnut. Created by two brothers in the Royal County of Ireland, this blend celebrates the connection between different worlds, echoing the phrase "Hasta Luego," which means "See you soon." It's a reminder that every brew holds the promise of reconnection and cherished moments.


    Dive into the Story of Flavors:


    Each coffee in this blend has a tale to tell:


    • El Salvador Rainforest Arabica: Processed with care, these beans carry notes of fresh cocoa, orange zest, blueberries, vanilla, and walnuts. A symphony of sweetness and complexity awaits your palate.

    • Nicaragua Bastille Arabica: A wet process reveals flavors that dance with moderate to bright acidity, accentuated by the refreshing burst of blueberry. The aroma carries the hints of sweet caramel, citrus, and chocolate.

    • Mexico Rainforest Alliance Arabica: Washed and dried using natural sources, these beans enchant with bittersweet dark chocolate, gentle Rainforest nut, and a light citrus undertone.


    A Brew for Every Occasion:


    Whether you're a Ground enthusiast, a Whole Bean purist, or love the convenience of Brew Bags, "Hasta Luego" promises an exquisite experience. With its unique blend of Latin American flavors, it's the perfect companion for a heartfelt reunion with your loved ones.


    Brewing Possibilities:

    Indulge in "Hasta Luego" using any method you prefer—it's crafted to shine in every brew. For more information on brewing tips and techniques, feel free to reach out to us at




    Embark on a journey of flavors that transcend borders and cultures with "Hasta Luego." Let the blend inspire your taste buds, evoke memories, and kindle connections. Share this blend with your loved ones and whisper "Hasta Luego" as you bid them farewell—knowing that the next brew will be a reunion of flavors and togetherness. Embrace the magic of Latin America in every cup. Order your "Hasta Luego" blend today and indulge in the essence of global flavors that come together in perfect harmony.

    Hasta Luego

    €12.00 Regular Price
    €8.04Sale Price
    • Once opened, store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Once opened consume within 4-16 weeks.

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