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The Original 


Elevate Your Senses with FB&Co.'s Signature Brew: An Artful Symphony of Origins and Techniques




Prepare to embark on a journey through flavor as you explore the origins of our meticulously curated blend:

  • Kenyan AA - Aged Vanilla | Garden Fruits | Apricot: Delight in the fusion of Aged Vanilla's warmth, the bright notes of Garden Fruits, and the delicate sweetness of Apricot, all within your cup.

  • Sumatra Mandheling - Spicy Cinnamon | Rich Cocoa | Wild Citrus: Immerse your senses in the intriguing blend of Spicy Cinnamon, the indulgent notes of Rich Cocoa, and the invigorating zest of Wild Citrus.

  • Brazil Mogiana - Toasted Almonds | Fresh Oak | Forest Honey: Experience the comforting embrace of Toasted Almonds, the gentle essence of Fresh Oak, and the lingering sweetness of Forest Honey.


Our artful fusion rests on a harmonious combination of techniques:

  • 40% Brazil Mogiana – Natural
  • 40% Sumatra Mandheling – Semi-Washed
  • 20% Kenya AA – Fully Washed

Purchase - Auction & Co-op

Each sip embodies a celebration of care, sourced from auctions and cooperatives that share our commitment to quality.

How to Brew?

For a truly exquisite brew, follow our expert recommendations:

17-18g ground coffee in > 36ml espresso out = 24 – 30 seconds

The Method

A masterpiece awaits with these simple steps:

  • Clean and dry your portafilter to prep for dosing your ground coffee.
  • Dose your coffee as per your recipe.
  • Distribute the coffee evenly in the filter basket.
  • Apply a 30lb pressure tamp – (Medium to Firm pressure).
  • Flush water through the group head to ensure stable temperature and fresh water. Gently insert the group handle & initiate brewing.
  • Time your extraction according to your recipe. Adjust your grind setting to find your espresso's perfect balance.

A Perfect Grind:

  • Finer Grind: Delivers more sweetness and unique flavors, but avoid over-extraction for a balanced taste.

  • Coarser Grind: Speeds up the shot and reduces bitterness. Adjust extraction for the sweet spot.

Brewing & Storage Instructions

Savor the magic of our blend with these tips:

Keep the zip on your pouch sealed for optimal freshness. Store in a cool, dry spot, away from direct sunlight.


Indulge in the symphony of flavor, technique, and dedication that FB&Co.'s signature blend offers. Every sip encapsulates the essence of our coffee philosophy. Elevate your coffee experience, savor the artistry, and let our Brewed to Perfection blend take you on a journey through taste and technique like never before.

Signature Blend Ground