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The GOAT : Coffee edition

The Greatest of all time or GOAT, you tend to hear it thrown around a lot these days..

But here at FB&Co. we are self proclaimed coffee wizz kids , and because the internet is a place where anyone can have an opinion - Your guaranteed to hears ours... Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls , in fact Everybody.. Let this be shouted from a mountain for all we care... Because THIS is something nobody asked for... THIS is the official First annual FB&Co GOAT coffee awards!

The Greatest coffee of all time in our opinion has to be.. The Sumatra mandheling !! Here's why..

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve probably heard about Sumatran coffee and are familiar with its complex flavour. This bean is used in all of our blends as it compliments other coffee's and brings out a richness and sweetness we feel isn't available through other coffees. Sumatra has been producing some awesome coffee in the last 2 years, and so It has to be our favourite for this year!

Sumatra is the 3rd largest producer of coffee in the world and holds roughly 7% of the global coffee market. Sumatran coffee is 75% rustic-flavoured Robusta and 25% Arabica, with harvesting usually taking place from October to March. Sumatra uses a unique method for processing their coffee called Giling Basah, meaning “wet grinding” or “wet hulling”. This is because it traditionally removes the hulls at 50% moisture rather than 11%, giving notable Sumatran coffees a darker colour and richer tastes.

Sumatran coffee is grown in the Sunda Islands along the coast of Western Indonesia. The location on the equator has the perfect climate for growing top quality coffee beans. It is characterised by having wooden notes, heavy textures, low acidity, and flavours that range from earthy, cedary and spicy, to fermented fruit, cocoa, herbs, leather, and tobacco.

The perfect climate and unique processing makes Sumatran coffee a must have in any coffee blend. It is super rich , full bodied coffee with a complex acidity that gives it wonderful vibrancy. What you can expect is a sweet chocolatey & syrupy taste, complimented with an amazing spicy aftertaste and depending on the region even licorice!

Sounds amazing right?

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