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Some thoughts on our journey so far... A lighthearted approach

Over the last 8 months or so, we have had an absolute blast. In fact , that's a complete understatement - We've genuinely had the most brew-tiful time ever. (Yep , that pun just set the tone for the blog.. buckle up ladies and gents)

Yeah sure, running a coffee company is tough.. You're in a VERY saturated market that can be quite cut throat. Doing this while both of us are working full time really throws a spanner in the works. We answer calls, manage emails, complete projects and work hard... Then we have to go home, get dinner in us and start the night shift for coffee - which can sometimes be another 8 hours. I think Josh always put it very well "The coffee is only part time until it's 5 o'clock".

The laughs, support, interesting conversations, interactions, jokes and learning about coffee and how to run a business has just been amazing. Both of us will admit, we were never the Elon Musk's or Bill Gate's entering this game - but we have done what they do very well. Learn A LOT by failing (Or by in our case, by finding out that you could have done something SOOOOOO much quicker but that was three weeks ago and I should just probably forget about it - I mean who really knows the pressing Ctrl + shift + T brings back accidentally deleted tabs do you know how much time that would have saved me!!!????!?!??).

*Clears throat*...

Anyway, what get's us excited the most is simple. We have already achieved our goals for this business and brand. We have spread Good Vibes and Great Coffee and brought people together. We have sold 1000's of cups of coffee, met amazing people and connected with people who you would never have thought would have your back so well. We are always yapping on about coffee and having fun while doing so. The passion and enthusiasm is there in buckets - and that what I feel makes us special - Its just two brothers trying their hand at coffee and (If we do say so ourselves ) doing relatively well at it. We have grown the business to a very healthy stage , where we can manage things at our own pace - And we've done this working full time jobs. Imagine , just imagine if we were to do this full time... Where would we be then?? That's what really excites us!

In the next few months , we really plan on expanding what we have going. Whether this means supplying more cafes, increasing sales, making new blends and introducing new products OR maybe even going full time. The future is uncertain, but we cannot wait to see what's in stock.

If an asteroid was to hit Earth tomorrow , I would be sure of one thing ... I'd need a change of trousers..

Haha , all jokes aside though, I would be completely content that two brothers really put their mark on the coffee industry in such a short period. Especially for brew bags... If your reading this - What are you doing !? Get some now , they are quite literally out of this world (Keeping with the space theme). Jeeeez.

Thanks for your support you beautiful people, Hopefully when this is all over - We'll have a coffee morning so we can tell you how much ye mean to us to you directly. We appreciate you a latte (One last pun , had to do it)

Lots of love,

The Finegan Brothers

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