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New Year's update

Hey folks,

Firstly, we here at the FB&Co. HQ hope everyone had a happy and healthy New years.

We just wanted to pop on here to give a forecast on what we are planning this year!

Firstly and most importantly, you can expect a lot of new coffee to be hitting our market. We hear that El Salvador are producing some amazing coffee this year (Hint Hint). We hope to release some new coffee's quite soon, but haven't put a date on it yet. The process of sourcing, cupping, designing labels, roasting and packaging takes time and we want the highest standard in everything we do. Hence, it may take time, but it will be perfect!!

We hope to expand our coffee's reach by getting into more supermarkets, shops and cafes! If you're reading this now and might know someone of interest, we have a referral scheme currently running where you could win some money by connecting us with potential suppliers. Our way of thanking you !!

Lastly, depending on a few factors, we may look to expand our HQ into a more "brick and mortar" location. This would be amazing - as it means our family can have the good room back !!

plenty to come. We are working really hard to bring you the best coffee and of course spread good vibes while doing so!

Until Next time...


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