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Meath Chronicle Article on Finegan Brothers & Co Coffee

Another day another .. Article !!!

Really amazing to feature in the Meath Chronicle this week! Being from Meath and growing up in Navan, the Meath chronicle has played a big part in our lives.. We would often cut out pictures and articles of our sports teams (And maybe an individual photo if we were lucky enough!). So it's really amazing to see them post this article on us.

Again, we want to thank everyone involved in publishing the article - We appreciate you. Check it out below:
Finegan Brothers & Co. Have Coffee in the Bag!

Two young Skryne brothers who couldn't find any coffee on the shelf to give them that authentic cafe tasting coffee are taking the industry by storm after coming up with their own blends. Finegan brothers & Co. was born at the kitchen table during the early months of last year when josh and Fiachra Finegan decided that enough was enough and decided to take matters into their own hands. They researched and read everything they could on coffee types and tastes. They contacted suppliers organized cupping sessions until finally launching in late June last year. “Our philosophy is ‘Good Vibes | Great Coffee’ and is empowered through our products” Fiachra says. “Our mission is to have great taste and coffee in every kitchen in Ireland”.

Fiachra says Finegan brothers and Co coffee is inspired through two things quality and sustainability. The brothers have two blends released which used some of the highest graded quality coffee in the world. All of their packaging comes fully recyclable, and the coffee is ethically sourced. FB&Co. sell ground coffee and whole bean through their website and their coffee is sold in a few shops in cafes in Meath and Dublin. What gets people really talking about FB&Co. is their flagship product “brew bags”, the brothers have made it their mission to create and perfect a convenient way to brew your coffee. Brew bags consist of 10 grams of freshly roasted coffee from four countries packed into a compossible bio filament polymer bag. All you need for a premium Cup of coffee is a kettle and a cup… no fuss and no cleanup. “We provide a premium washed and natural blend of grand coffee sourced from Kenya, Brazil and Sumatra” says Fiachra. “We also provide whole beans of the same blend recently we have launched brew bags and corresponding new blend ‘Arabicas of the world’ which features the new being from Colombia which we have been a massive hit we have received a lot of great feedback from our customers so far”.

The brothers have recently entered the wholesale industry too and are currently providing some shops, coffee boxes and bakeries with their coffee. Josh and Fiachra, who both work full time in the tech and medical device industry respectively are really looking forward to expand their business further this year. Although it's tough to manage a full-time job while also running a successful business, the two Meath entrepreneurs definitely have the right view to keep them going. Fiachra who is 22 years old is currently working full time in Boston Scientific is a biomedical engineer and playing rugby with Navan RFC. Josh who is 25 is working in a research insights with Qualtrics as a senior sales development representative in Dublin and playing soccer Robinson.

“Starting a business together is something we had always wanted to do and we originally talked about it last year during lockdown”, we weren't able to play sports or meet friends we had a lot of time to think. We were trying top brand coffees for as long as we can remember, and coffee something we're incredibly passionate about. One day at the kitchen table while sitting down and chatting over a fresh brew we had an epiphany moment - We wanted to create our own blend which gives you a real authentic premium at home experience. So, we took it into her own hands and started our own coffee company.

“The lock down helped” says the brothers, “we put every minute we had spare and it was in this environment that innovation flourished”. For anybody that lives locally in Skryne we are available in swan's pub and grocery store and sweet planet home bakery in Dunshaughlin. You can also find our coffee in the Mutton head butcher, and for any of those who are traveling a little bit we are available in all Dublin from Clonanny farm foods and sage and stone in Duleek. We also have delivery service through a Courier partners Fastway, and we do local dropouts within Meath.

P.S - Sorry about bad photo quality.. Each order we get brings us closer to our dream on buying a scanner!!

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