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Let's Talk Colombian Coffee

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

It's that time of the week again.. #BrewblogSundays

Find out all about Colombian coffee below, why we love it & how it's farmed!

Colombia holds 6% of the global coffee market in terms of output and is the 4th largest coffee producer in the world. Colombian coffee is characterised by is rich, full body. Depending on the region it was grown in, the profile can range anywhere from sweet & nutty to chocolatey, floral, fruity and quite tropical. The mountainous regions in Colombia create an abundance of microclimates that allow farmers to bring out unique varying tasting coffees. All of Colombia’s coffee is Arabica and is traditionally washed. Harvesting varies by region, with some having two harvests and some having a single harvest. The usual season for this lies from September to December, with smaller micro harvests taking place in April, and some even pushing out as far as June.

Colombian coffee is dominantly made up of small-scale growers. Whereby around 2 million people rely on coffee as their livelihood. The majority of these growers are employed by small farms comprising of around 2-4 acres. This small-scale farming system ensure that the highest-grade coffee is grown as it can be regulated for quality more frequently.

If it’s one thing we love, its quality coffee - and a good ol' fashioned Colombian cannot be beaten for taste ! We use Colombian coffee in our Arabicas of the world blend as it brings a balanced, light chocolatey body, and smooth finish. Check out a map of the coffee profiles per region below - Brownie points if you can figure out which bean we use.. Good luck !

Source : Coffee Obsession – DK, Anette Moldvaer.

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