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FB&Co. V 2.0

A storm is brewin'

Finally, after countless hours, hundreds of tastings and collaborations with some amazing artists we are set to release our vision 2.0.

With the release of our newly branded brew bags, new blend 'Hasta Luego' and some additional sleek packaging on the way, we are making a statement. We are here to stay, and plan on disrupting the the Irish specialty coffee game. If the first two years of operating have thought us anything, it's that our market segments are constantly evolving, and to really capitalize on making a meaningful impact we must change too.

The next phase of our plan is expansion. Armed with all our knowledge thus far, new branding, same message and amazingly refined taste we hope that you'll be seeing a FB&Co. takeover quite soon.

The game may change, but our message stays the same. Great coffee, made simple.

Tremendously excited to share more projects on the horizon.

Until you get your hands on them - check out this video of the final product!

Hasta Luego,

Josh & Fiachra.


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