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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Why does out coffee always taste so darn good?

Quality Green Coffee

Our Roastery sample and check all of our green coffees when they arrive from its country of origin


To get maximum consistency and flavour in our coffees we use a process called cupping, every week we sample our roasted coffee beans before releasing them to our customers.

Roast Date

We put the roast date of our coffee right there on the bag so you can rotate your coffee and get maximum freshness

Roast to Order

As our coffee is freshly roasted to order we aim to get your coffee delivered to you within 2 weeks from roast date and to maximise taste and aroma we recommend you use our coffee within 12 weeks.

Freshness Lock

Freshly roasted coffee beans release Co2 gas, our 1 way valve technology we put on our bags lets the gas escape but stops the oxygen getting in locking in all that beautiful freshness and flavour

Positive Release

All of our coffees are checked by 1 of the 4 Coffee Q graders at our Roastery before being released.

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