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Brew Bags 101

Great tasting coffee. Reimagined

Our new brew bags have been made for people who love great tasting coffee on the go, without the mess or fuss. We have packed 10 grams of our new blend 'Arabicas of the world' into a unique bioweb material. The bag itself is fully compositable, and is designed to keep air out, leaving the coffee fresher for longer.

The resulting brew bag releases a rich and complex blend with notes of dark chocolate, Hazelnut and citrus peel. All you need is a kettle and cup.

In order to achieve the perfect brew, we recommend that you brew for at least 3 minutes, followed by a tight squeeze of the bag - And et voila... Great tasting coffee, made simple.

Blend information : Our new Arabicas of the world blend contains a unique variety of medium roasted beans sourced from Brazil, Kenya, Sumatra and Columbia. Each bean providing a unique and distinct characteristic which adds to the complexity of every sip.

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