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Finegan Brothers - Moka Pot / Percolator

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

One area we find thats hard to manage is getting the water at the right temperature.. too hot and you'll burn the Coffee, not hot enough and the Coffee won't rise. Our advice? Trust your gut and check regularly.

So What Do You Need?

For this old-fashioned method you'll require: Finegan Brothers & Co. Ground Coffee Water Percolator / Moka Pot Your Favourite Mug (Vital).

Step 1. Measure Your Coffee

To get a nice, balanced Finegan Brothers & Co brew we suggest not boiling the water but keeping hot enough to slightly bubble. We recommend 18 grams of our signature blend to 1 regular tea cup of Hot Water. Once you get the hang of the Percolator you can mess around with the Coffee / Water ratio. As a general rule if the Coffee is too sour/strong - add more water and reduce Coffee.

Step 2. Add Water

Add cold water to the bottom of your percolator based on the amount of coffee you use, always use cold so it can heat naturally. If you use hot water you risk burning the Coffee.

Step 3. Add Coffee

Add your required amount of Coffee to the holding tray and gently smooth with the flat of a spoon.

Step 4. Assemble Your Percolator

Place the Coffee holder on top of the water function. Take the top of the Percolator and screw tightly. This combines the three parts together and you are ready to brew.

Step 5. Turn up the Heat!

Place everything on the stove before setting the heat to low or medium heat. The trick to great percolator coffee is a slow the heating process DON'T LET THE WATER BOIL

Step 6. Watch It

They say a watched pot never boils... watch it.

Step 7. Keep Time

We recommended keeping it on a med-high heat for about 10 minutes, turning up the heat gradually. Remember: This is not a set-it-and-forget-it method. Keep an eye on your water, adjust the temperature as needed.

Step 8. Tunes

* We recommended listening to some music at this stage, try

Ricky Razu

London Grammar

Tom Misch

Chaos in the CBD


Step 9. Remove It from the Heat

Wear an oven glove to remove from the heat. BE CAREFUL the metal is going to be very hot. Step 10. Carefully Remove Coffee Grounds

To make sure you get no Coffee grounds in your fresh brew, make sure you take off the Coffee holder and clean out. (This is a good time to give the bottom part a quick wash).

Step 11. Put a bit of weight behind your Brew.

Replace the lid and have at it! Enjoy your Finegan Brothers & Co. tasty brew.

Let us know how you get on!

Josh & Fiachra.

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